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This Web site all started because Rick Schummer was having a tough Friday with several fingers getting pointed towards him in his professional, personal, and volunteer life. Over on Twitter he posted how people could get in line and how he was handing out numbers for those that wanted to blame him for something.

At the same time he needed to do some research on hosting data-driven Web technology with a MySQL backend.

In the perfect storm he came up with the brilliant idea to register BlameItOnRick.com and put up a Web site where people can post blame to Rick. The database was designed in XCase, the HTML and Active Server Pages (yes classic ASP for now) are put together in Microsoft Expression Web, and the Cascading Style Sheet slapped together using TopStyle. The initial Web site complete with MySQL backend was put together in a couple of hours. All done as an experiment.

The site is hosted as a subdomain on RickSchummer.com on Godaddy.com. First time Rick has done anything with a subdomain. Rick's only experience with MySQL is a couple of hours of playing with it a year ago when his son built a Linux box for him (dead soon after creation). Thanks to the script created via XCase the creation of the database was a snap. The data is maintained using PhpMyAdmin provided by GoDaddy as part of the hosting, and the terrific SQLYog Enterprise tool from Webyog Softworks Pvt. Ltd.

Special thanks to Jody Meyer for providing me the logo.


The future holds some additional learning opportunities.

Learning Experiences Accomplished

Enhancement Requests and Bug Reports

All enhancement request and bug reports can be sent to  or you can always blame Rick for the problem or not having the idea sooner.

Please note this Web site is purely developed for fun. Although the information surrounding the blame is recorded, nothing will happen other than the recording of the blame and pushing it to Rick. Rick sincerely hopes you feel better by pushing the blame to him, and that any guilt associated with the blame is released from you forever.